Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Appointment?

Yes, please make an appointment!  This is for your convenience, as well as ours.  We want to assure that you have minimal time in our waiting room during the hours we set aside for client appointments.  You may call our office to schedule an appointment or you can request an appointment through our web site.

Do I need to Issue 1099’s?

If you have a business (or an income producing activity, such as rental income) the answer may be YES.  If you paid any person or company $600 or more you may need to issue 1099’s.  You should have anyone that you are paying for services complete a Form W-9.  Do this BEFORE you pay the person or the company.  If you attempt to get the necessary information to complete the Form 1099 after the fact, you may not be successful.  1099’s do not need to be issued to corporations; however, they should be issued to individuals, partnerships and LLC’s.  The form W-9 is available at

 Can you file my extension?

Your extension is an extension to file your return, not an extension to pay your taxes.  We cannot file your extension unless we have your tax documents in our office.  In order to complete your extension we must make an estimate of your tax liability.  If money is due you are responsible for mailing in your extension, along with the estimated payment due.  We need your W-2’s, 1099’s and all other documents that are used to prepare your income tax return.